Thursday, February 15, 2018

Frothwight Crabclaw sculpt

So why am I making this post, since it’s not about a 3rd edition Chaos Dwarf (as the Blog sub title suggests, which I now quickly changed) but a recent sculpt. Well first of all it’s because I can do want I want (nehneh ne nehneh) and second because in a way it actually is about a eighties Chaos Dwarf. The story is as follows; a friend of mine and fellow 3rd edition chaos dwarf collector sent me this picture from an old Games Workshop novel from the eighties in I believe 2007 and asked me to sculpt him this figure.








 This is the only picture I could find online and is of poor quality, but if we zoom in a bit more at least one can make out some more details. It is an axe wielding Chaos Dwarf, the Chaos bit is clear since he has a third crab shaped arm. The name of this height challenged evil creature is Frothwight Crabclaw. The picture comes from an old Games Worksop novel (pre Black Library). My friend loved the character from the moment he read the novel and saw the picture and has used the name Frotwight for many years as an online username. If anyone has more information on this novel and the character please let me know.


Only once before had I sculpted from a picture (normally I just go with my own creational flow) so it was a good exercise for me at the same time.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor sjoerd trouwee



The sculpt was sold to Hasslfree and later on the rights of production transferred to Macrcosm, as part of their dark dwarves serie, but allas without the crab arm L





  1. The name Frothwight Crabclaw actually didn't come from the picture or the book. I just put the 2 together. The name actually comes from when I ordered some 3rd ed Chaos Dwarfs from GW mail order. The guy who took my order didn't take my name, so written on the box above my address was 'Frothwight Crabclaw (sorry I didn't get your name)'. I thought it was so brilliant, that I used the name as a Blood Bowl player, and then when I saw that picture.......the 2 fit wonderfully. I tried to find the box fairly recently, sadly I couldn't locate it.

  2. As for the book. It's one of the original 3rd edition compilations. So it's a short story. The book is 'The laughter of the dark gods' and the story is the title piece of the book (so they both have the same name). The book was re-released in 2002 (for some reason I bought it again) and the Dwarfs survived this incarnation. Sadly, the picture didn't. The Dwarfs weren't much more than fodder in the story. However, they did have fire throwing 2 man war machines (as per the figures) and their leader was called Yorrii (IIRC).

  3. Hi Mate, took you a while to find this blog :) hope all is well!


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