Monday, March 12, 2018

The Juggernaut I first encountered the 3rd edition Chaos Dwarfs it was through what I now refer to as my oldhammer bible, the 1986-1991 catalogue. This catalogue has some beautiful pictures of the many Citadel Chaos Dwarfs and their Warmachines.

By far the most impressive warmachine in the catalogue is the Juggernaut. A huge (in dwarf terms at least) siege tower pushed forward by a Boar Centaur, armed with a double barrel cannon and providing room for several Chaos Dwarfs.

As far as I know, and please correct me if I’m wrong, there were never any rules published for the Juggernaut, nor was it ever officially featured in any Games Workshop publication. The fact that it is pushed by a Boar Centaur does however imply that Mr. Thymbrin Snakebeard had some involvement into its development.


Gerelateerde afbeeldingNow luckily, I am the proud owner of this model and the story of how I acquired it is quite long. Well actually the story isn’t that long just the time it took for me to get is long. But the story is a great example of how oldhammer collectors support and help each other. We are talking somewhere around 2004 (forgot the exact year), back then I was a member of a popular Chaos Dwarf forum called the Hand of Hashut. On this forum I met another Dutch collector going by the name Obsidian. For some reason or the other we touched upon the topic of the Juggernaut. Obsidian told me that his brother has this model and that it was probably lying somewhere on his parents attic (we Dutchies store all our stuff on our parents attic, I have 5 boxes full of G1 Transformers lying on my parents attic). Hearing this I got very excited especially when he told that it was for sale for a decent price. Back then the Juggernaut was going on Ebay for ridiculous prices, I think one sold for around a 1000 Euros somewhere around 2010. Anyways me and Obsidian kept going back and forward on trying to set up a meeting so I could buy the model, but I just didn’t happen. By then I was starting to believe that Obsidian was bullshitting me. This went on for many years, I think it was only 2008 before we finally set a meeting. He lives in a different city in the Netherlands and I convinced my wife that it was time that we visited her parents, who conveniently live in the same city as Obsidian (she was indeed very surprised that I proposed the visit to my parents in law).

So Obsidian and I agreed to meet in a coffee bar (not a coffee shop, small but important difference!) for the handover. I was still very sceptical half expecting him to call me with an excuse and not showing up. But lo and behold he showed up carrying a small box. Upon seeing the content of the box I was amazed by the shiny almost radiating model, even though it was smaller than I expected, the model was in perfect condition and complete.

It even came with two extra turret supports which I donated to my fellow collector Clam, so he could complete his incomplete Juggernaut. So after going back and forward for 4 years and mentally already having given up on the model, I finally had my Juggernaut! Obsidian, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I ever doubted you and again many thanks!

Now if you want a Juggernaut yourself they do show up on Ebay regularly and the price has gone down, but still expect to pay between 400 to 500 euros for one. Alternatively Macrocosm has released a Model that is very similar to the old Citadel model, however do know that it is significantly bigger than the original. And no, I am not going to sculpt and cast this model as I did with the Asscannon, because I already have an original J.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor chaos dwarf macrocosm

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