Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Finally they are available!


Website created by my brilliant and very IT savy son (goed werk Kas!).

I have had the casts now for some time, but then corona happend, renovation of the house took (and is taking) way more time and 'insert another random excuse' :)

But yea! they are here. Proud of the minis and really proud of the excellent art work by urchinjoe (Joseph Bamborough) 


Monday, February 24, 2020

They have arrived

Received a very heavy package from the UK recently... And yes, they are here, many many pristine casts of the hateful eight!

More information on how to get some will follow soon!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

MM90 painting countdown 12

So lets dub this one: Skully. Next would be a Fox then (remember the X-files?)...

Now Clam was weary of painting this one, it being a complex sculpt but also his copies being somewhat soft in the detail department, but I must say he did a stunning job, and really enjoy the nodhe towards the Captain America Villain:


I really enjoyed painting this miniature, my details were crisp enough and I just loved the whole model, skull helmet, skull pauldron, the short sword on his side and the gauntlets (yes! no chainmail gloves!).

Without further ado:

Next one is for Clam to decide!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Cannon siege cannon, the real one!

Measure twice, cut onc… wait what!?

So, there I was being all proud of my Ass cannon, and the accuracy I put into the sculpt.
The eye for detail, the exact measurements, the facial expressio… Hold on just one second, what did you say there? Eye for detail? No no, the other one. Exact measurements? Yes that one, slowly repeat that and then look at this picture….

Darn… It…

So what went wrong here? Well since I was using pictures to measure the cannon, and i was using the chaos dwarf models as the reference, because I actually owned them, and they were in the picture with the cannon, it had to be spot on. Wrong!
I used this picture from the ccm wiki:

I guess I messed up the measuring because now that I own the original…. Holy smokes that thing is tiny!!! My sculpted cannon looks like Big Bertha: 

But anyway, my Chaos Dwarf collecting saga has almost come to an end, I still miss a few of the regular Citadel Chaos Dwarfs, but none of them are rare, I just haven’t found the time yet to figure out which ones I don’t have yet.

A quick review of the original cannon, it’s a mediocre sculpt at the most, details are soft and it looks a bit bendy as if made from rubber (cleary Nick Lund rushed it). The cannon balls supplied with the cannon are anything but round... but… the overall model is just so much fun! It’s a deamon, that is a cannon, that shoots cannonballs out of its arse and they are put there by Chaos Dwarfs, what’s not to like!!!

Really happy I managed to find one, I’m still really happy with the likeness of my own sculpt (despite the size) and I hope everyone that got one from me is not too disappointed about the size difference J

By the way, what ever happend to Nick Lund?

Monday, December 16, 2019

Eight Dwarfs A-Hacking!

Finally finished, eight evil little buggers!

I have labeled them Nominus Malus, or roughly (better yet: badly) translated from Latin: Bad Name.

I have found a caster and they will be sent there after the holidays, jippie!

Details on distribution will follow, I haven't a clue how to do that yet...

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Filling Ali's gaps part three

So almost there, work started on the last two in the series. For background information see here:


and here


The last two in the set are: Khane the Mighty and Brogar Brainbeater, after that MM90/7 and MM90/8 are done!

From first to last, see below:

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Thanks a lot Blue (in VT)...

I have known Blue in VT for a long time as he is a fellow Evil Stunty fan and we are both quite active on the CDO forum: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/

Blue has been following my sculpting and painting escapades recently, and I found out he has a great and huge blog himself. I'm a digital idiot (I'm still trying to figure this blog thing out, how the hell do I move the menu to the left side of the page @#6^*$#@), but Blue has been keeping track of his Oldhammer and Marauder madness for quite a while already: http://bluesmarauders.blogspot.com/

So while browsing his blog I read his BOYL 2019 report and subsequent visit to Foundry (http://bluesmarauders.blogspot.com/2019/08/boyl-2019i-finally-made-it-pic-heavy.html), and there I found this picture:

A very clear picture of the original painted MM90 Chaos Dwarfs (by Aly Morisson) of the left side of Bryan Ansells cabinet that I hadn't seen before.

Now why is this a problem, you aks, be glad you say, enjoy you preach!? Well since Clam (https://clamshellsandseadogs.blogspot.com/) and myself have been doing a MM90 paintoff for the past two and a half year (yes,  I know, we are old and slow), where I am painting my miniatures in the original colour scheme. I just found out (thanks to that picture) that I have to paint a face on Hammer Slambo (inside the fricking helmet!), I have to completely redo the mace and hands on Red Big Ear guy and I have the complete wrong colour blue for Hand on Hammer dude...

So Blue (in VT), thanks a lot mate...

Monday, October 21, 2019

MM 90 painting countdown 13

So here we have number 13 and 14 actually...

I painted the one with his hand resting on his axe and I finished the crossbow dwarf.

Clam beat me to the punch by a mere few hours unfortunately...

Bottom left and bottom right are the new additions, both in blue.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

My favourite sculpts: part 1

I felt like reminiscing over my past achievements as a sculptor, that’s actually the only reason for this topic. 

A long time ago I wanted to up my sculpting game. I had been sculpting Chaos Dwarfs and other stuff in the 90’s feel of miniatures, strongly influenced by the Herohammer style of miniatures.

However I just painted an Ilyad miniature based on the Black Moon Chronicals that really impressed me a lot. The mini in question was the Ilyad Snow Troll (example here is painted by James Wappel).

Especially the chain mail was so fine and realistic, simply amazing!

So i wanted to sculpt a Chaos Dwarf (like, what else right!?), whilst pushing my sculpting skills to the limit. Aditionally I just discovered Procreat, a sculpting medium that allows for a sharper finish than regular green stuff.

So off I went, i based the helmet of a drawing my talented brother made for me and the overall style is further influenced by the Roman/Greek armour of the time (yes, I had just watched the movie 300).

As you can see the bulk of the model is still made with greenstuff, this is because i prefer greenstuff for the more organic shapes. I wanted him to have a Greek style chest plate that mimics muscle tone, and i wanted a 300-style cape/mantle, so thats why I started with greenstuff.

Now it was time to start adding details and this is where the Procreate comes into play. Luckily the two mediums combine very well together. So started adding the beard, basic armour plates and the right hand gauntlet. I wanted the gauntlet to look almost dark elf like, sharp and menacing. This I could not imagine doing with greenstuff. Also I wanted to do realistic chainmail, with real rings. Eventhough the chainmail looked cool in real life these rings would have been really huge. Thats the difference with sculpting a 2.5cm figure as opposed to a 12cm tall Snow Troll

Eventhough the helmet was already done, I could now use the Procreate to sharpen it up a bit and make it less organic in appearance and additionaly complete the armour. The monstrous dog was added because I really wanted to add as much to figure as possible and again push my sculpting a bit further.

For the whole WIP thread, see here:

The mini found it's home at my friend Clam, who has casted it, so if you want one have a look here:

And Clam had him proffesionally painted by Mikkel Nyboe:

StormCast interview with Aly Morrison

Great interview with info on Marauder and specifically Chaos Dwarfs. I learned for instance that there is only one Chaos Dwarf that is not based on an existing Chaos Warrior: Cousin It!


Skip to 20.40 minutesfor Marauder
Skip to 23.19 for Chaos Dwarfs

Finally they are available!

 www.evillittlebuggers.com Website created by my brilliant and very IT savy son (goed werk Kas!). I have had the casts now for some time, bu...