Friday, January 17, 2020

Cannon siege cannon, the real one!

Measure twice, cut onc… wait what!?

So, there I was being all proud of my Ass cannon, and the accuracy I put into the sculpt.
The eye for detail, the exact measurements, the facial expressio… Hold on just one second, what did you say there? Eye for detail? No no, the other one. Exact measurements? Yes that one, slowly repeat that and then look at this picture….

Darn… It…

So what went wrong here? Well since I was using pictures to measure the cannon, and i was using the chaos dwarf models as the reference, because I actually owned them, and they were in the picture with the cannon, it had to be spot on. Wrong!
I used this picture from the ccm wiki:

I guess I messed up the measuring because now that I own the original…. Holy smokes that thing is tiny!!! My sculpted cannon looks like Big Bertha: 

But anyway, my Chaos Dwarf collecting saga has almost come to an end, I still miss a few of the regular Citadel Chaos Dwarfs, but none of them are rare, I just haven’t found the time yet to figure out which ones I don’t have yet.

A quick review of the original cannon, it’s a mediocre sculpt at the most, details are soft and it looks a bit bendy as if made from rubber (cleary Nick Lund rushed it). The cannon balls supplied with the cannon are anything but round... but… the overall model is just so much fun! It’s a deamon, that is a cannon, that shoots cannonballs out of its arse and they are put there by Chaos Dwarfs, what’s not to like!!!

Really happy I managed to find one, I’m still really happy with the likeness of my own sculpt (despite the size) and I hope everyone that got one from me is not too disappointed about the size difference J

By the way, what ever happend to Nick Lund?


  1. I'm glad you found your long lost mini, such an even is always memorable. I have to say your version of the cannon is better than Mr Bibby's whose Great Spined Dragon will always be on my would lke to have list. As for the man himself

  2. Hi Phil, thanks very much :) Actually it's Nick Lund that sculpted the Cannon, not Bibby... If Nick Bibby would have sculpted it, it would have looked much different, Bibby is a genius when it comes to anatomy sculpting! But Nick Lund went completely of the radar...


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