Tuesday, January 28, 2020

MM90 painting countdown 12

So lets dub this one: Skully. Next would be a Fox then (remember the X-files?)...

Now Clam was weary of painting this one, it being a complex sculpt but also his copies being somewhat soft in the detail department, but I must say he did a stunning job, and really enjoy the nodhe towards the Captain America Villain:


I really enjoyed painting this miniature, my details were crisp enough and I just loved the whole model, skull helmet, skull pauldron, the short sword on his side and the gauntlets (yes! no chainmail gloves!).

Without further ado:

Next one is for Clam to decide!


  1. Haha an X-files joke...Really nice scheme on this one. I'm actually working on him atm as well.

  2. Cool, be sure to share some pics when done!


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