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Toot Toot, Zonk Zonk

As an avid Chaos Dwarf collector I am of course a member of the Chaos Dwarf Online forum (CDO).
Back in 2011 a new member from Russia joined CDO called Zonk and he stunned us with his big hat Chaos Dwarf sculpts. And besides sculpting he was also castings his sculpts in resin and offering them for sale for a good price! Our big hat fan members were overjoyed, the original GW big hats were selling for ridiculous prices on Ebay, so here they had an affordable alternative! And even better he was sculpting others models as per CDO member demand.

In no time he had a collection available of many axe wielding Chaos Dwarfs, Blunderbusses, Characters, Bullcentaurs and even an (not so good) Asscannon with crew! He was sculpting at an amazing speed and he really showed some talent.

This thread on CDO shows off his sculpts:

I was one of the first members to place an order even though I don’t collect Big Hats, I always try to support new ventures related to Chaos Dwarfs especially since I myself once ran a small sculpting and casting operation (anyone remember Twisted Tales?). I ordered a command group and some ten other field troops or so. I received my order rather quickly, so I was as happy as could be.

I then received a Personal Message from Zonk asking me to leave some positive feedback on the CDO forum with regard to the sale, which I happily did. But it didn’t take long before some disconcerting posts started showing up on the forum. Other members who had also placed orders, hadn’t received anything even though they paid. Zonk was still replying to these members and presented several excuses for why he was behind in delivering: his cat caught a cold, the post office was hit by a meteorite, the resin mines in Russia dried up, his house was invaded by mould eating gnomes, you name it and he had had it happen to him. This went on for a bit longer before he expectedly completely disappeared of the map. This all happened in the period between his first post in November till around the start of April the next year.

Then another Russian member joined CDO and he explained to us what had just happened. Apparently Zonk had pulled off a similar scam on many other forums and under many different names. He joins a forum entices the members with his sculpts and affordable casts, does a sale with a few key members to build up his reputation and then scams the rest of the buyers out of their money.
Here is the original post from CDO:

“Congratulations, my dear foreign friends!
You were fooled by a legend.
Zonk or AsMus, or Konstantin Shirokov, or Frau Marta, or Zwerg Zecne, or ZZ, or Kostya Shi, or... He has so many names already.
He owned you.
The plan is simple enough:
he appears in a forum, makes an advertisment of his minis, proposing a good price and some bonus. Also he use to promise a whole lot of a new stuff coming soon, new heroes, new engines, scenery, etc.
At first, he sends the stuff properly, without any problems, especially paying attention to those, who is an olderman on the forum. Administrators, master-flooders, famous collectors.
They will make a good reputation for him and will protect him for a while.
At first, everything is just fine.
But after a couple of weeks, or even in a month, he stops sending the ware.
But continue to take money from the others, just ordinary and casual fans.
And when the question rises about the delay, he begins to blame post offices, transports, email, YOU!, everything but him. And he always promises to solve all the problems, to find out why the problem did happen. But not now, in a few days as usual. Because he is very busy at the moment, and delivery problems are none of his concern.
When a decieved client starts to shout in a thread about the deception, he is usually banned by the "first wave".
As the time pass, more people start to complain, and our dear sculptor goes out.
No minis, no money.
Wait... Sometimes, he can return in a month or so, and tell a fascinating story about a force-major he got lately. He pays some of his debts, for the ones, who shouted the most loud, and tries to repeat the story.

In Russia, he decieved a whole lot of people, using this scheme.
Though, now he is well known by the russian community and is banned on the most popular forums dedicated to wargames and minis.
Now I see he is trying to make some easy money abroad.
Look at that, friends, 40 pages!
All about Him! But in Russian. The most popular forum.

Don't try to deal with him, do not listen to him.
He decieved so many people, I'm really sorry about those, who is still waiting for his dwarfs.

Now fast forward to 2017, the members of CDO, being closely related to dwarfs, know how to hold a grudge. Zonk’s name is up there with our non evil brethern and elfs, he has been noted down in Hashut’s big book of grudges. Talk of revenge started ensuing and it was opted to collect some of the miniatures Zonk had actually delivered on and to recast them. I followed this discussion with interest but suddenly it went offline, so I gave it no further thought. I guessed it was just a storm in a glass of water, as we say in the Netherlands. This was until I recently saw a post on the oldhammer forum, this post was of a member asking where he could buy some of these metal big hat miniatures and he had a picture. Lo and behold recasts of the Zonk miniatures had been made.

I’m quite sure some members of COD are behind this but I don’t know who, they keep it very low profile and only sell word to mouth. The models are labelled: karma is a b!tch J I personally fully support this type of action, I know many people have strong feelings against recasting but in this case I can fully understand.

Via via I managed to get some of these miniatures and they are fun, a real nice tribute to the original Perry Big Hats. I still don’t understand why Zonk pulled of the type of stunt he did. He could have made a lot more money by just selling his miniatures, he had a great selection available and plenty of interest was shown. I guess he just liked to scam people :?

If anyone is interested in the Zonk casts I suggest they just put a post in the CDO forum and you will be contacted by a cloaked Chaos Dwarf and a meeting in a shady ally will be set up (that’s how I got mine).

Update, started painting one of them:

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