Monday, March 19, 2018

MM90 painting countdown: 24

On this blog I have expressed on many occasion my love for the MM90 sculpts and the original paintjob. Recently I found out where the originals are located and wrote about this here:

Also I have said many times that it was my intention to replicate the original paintjob, but for this I first need two complete sets of MM90’s because I also want one set naked. Well I finally started this project and our first candidate is MM90 5C, or as I dub him: Underbite (you see because the helmet looks like a face with a…. ah well, you get the picture….).

The plan is to countdown to the last one of the 24, whilst at the same time I’m stilling finding the last few duplicates that I miss. I will choose my candidates at random and this one was only lucky enough to be the first one just because I repaired him recently and wanted to see how paint would look on him. See this blog entry:

Here is the result so far, I have only done the armour, red blended into yellow highlights. My highlights are a little smoother and less yellow than the original, but in real life the yellow highlighting stands out more.