Tuesday, May 8, 2018

MM 90 painting countdown 15

So after Clam beating me to the punch in finishing his work the last two rounds, this time I took home the prize and finished first. It was Clams turn to choose the subject for this round and he chose MM90/2A:

Clam already dubbed him Hunchback, Quasimodo, so ill just call him Modo for short.

Straight forward green, blended highlight, ginger beard nothing fancy, few simple freehands on there.

Anyways, pictures;

The comparison:


  1. Awesome job, mate. I'm close to finishing mine too but it's so darn hot here and my cave is like an oven. Too hot for my body and paints dry on my brush and palette way too quickly... but we should return to normal weather conditions tonight (aka rain). Nor did it effect me work that we beat the Finns 3-2 last night ;)

  2. You claim you have finished the MM90/3d, though I can't see it - or can I ;) http://clamshellsandseadogs.blogspot.com/2018/06/mm90-painting-countdown-next-challenge.html - next challenge is up and running :)


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