Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Filling Aly's gaps, part 2

So a while back I started sculpting the missing chaos dwarfs from a cut and paste sheet from Aly’s scetsch book. See this link:


Now i have finsished numbers two, three and four.

Number two is based on the crouching axe wielding warrior. And i get why Aly never sculpted this guy. Trying to pose a fully armoured human sized warrior is a challenge, let alone trying to do this with a dwarf, lacking knees and almost no arms to speak off. Anyways I managed to crank something out:

And then off to number three, a mini version of Slambo. Although officially this one was not on Aly's sheet of warriors, see my previous link and this blog:


I just felt that Slambo deserved his own mini-me. We have a double hammer wielding Marauder Chaos Dwarf, but we needed a proper one with axes and nobody wants to cut up original Marauder Chaos Dwarfs, now do we!? This mini almost sculpted itself it went without thought, as if Hashut himself guided my sculpting tool in order to get this tribute to one of the most iconic chaos miniatures done.

Number four is the scythe wielding warrior. Again due to lack of reach of those tiny dwarf arms combined with their fat bellies, I had to improvise on the pose a bit. I went for a horizontal scythe hold instead of a diagonal hold (yes Clam, it's going to suck to line them up). Lovely minature to sculpt, I added the croissant horn later, just to pay more tribute to the original minature. This was my first time sculpting chain mail gloves and my last, and i hate them, wouldn't be practical in combat and they look stupid...

Group shot and a shot where they are amongst the original Marauder CD's to show off size and style compatibility.

And the size comparison shot:

Two more are in the making, update to follow soon!


  1. these are very cool! your sculpts?

  2. Just stumbled over here from Clams! Holy smokes these are amazing! Will the be available??? I'll be following the blog from here on out. ;)

    1. Hi mate,

      Yes they will be available, still have two more to sculpt and then hope that the brexit doesn't ruin the plans to cast them in the UK :)


Finally they are available!

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