Monday, April 30, 2018

MM90 painting countdown 16

So here is our next subject: Dauger. After the alleged man in the Iron Mask WIKI.

I have two samples of this miniature but both are very soft on detail, so I had to do some repairs.

So here you have it Clam, lets get it on!

Small update, not there yet, but getting there for sure!

And Clam beat me to punch again, basterd...
He did a great purple version, but same like me this mini is terrible. Probably the worst in the range, details are soft, nothing on the mini of any interest, bland and boring... anyways the final product:

And a group shot, I've put him at the back, so we don't have to look at him too much, damn ugly Dauger...


  1. YUSSS! Get some paint on that bad boy!

  2. I hate this one. It's soft and without proper details. Helmet is a lump of putty with holes and beard thick rolls without hair... . I hate it, I hate it... Only interesting part is a darn mace hand :sick

  3. I know, it's terrible... the mace hand is actually duplicated on many minis. It's funny once you start painting them, you start seeing all the parts that are re-used on the different sculpts.

  4. I'll just leave this here:

  5. Let's paint 'Quasimodo' - I'm calling the MM90/2a :)


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