Sunday, September 1, 2019

MM 90 painting countdown 14

It's been a while (more than a year actually, sorry Clam...). But many life changing events further and we are back on track!

Figuring out the paint scheme was a b!tch i couldn't find any proper pictures so I only had the Marauder catalogue page for reference....

Here is number 14, basically Slambo but with hammers, so lets call him Hambo!

Here the group all together, twelve in total, so halfway there I guess!


  1. Now where's my email notification - kan't stay quite that long and don't tell ... but I shall post my mini-slambo as soon as get a chance of some decent pictures - till then ...

  2. And here you are: - my mini-Slambo - Next please :)

  3. Well done mate, sorry i sniped you on this one, but hey, we never said we stopped painting right, we just took a year to finish :)


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