Thursday, November 7, 2019

Filling Ali's gaps part three

So almost there, work started on the last two in the series. For background information see here:

and here

The last two in the set are: Khane the Mighty and Brogar Brainbeater, after that MM90/7 and MM90/8 are done!

From first to last, see below:


  1. What a fantastic idea. I've arrived late on the scene but I shall follow (reading online stalking) of this project with great interest.

  2. These are looking spectacular! The CW Kane the Mighty was a constant feature on our gaming table in my youth. Kane oversaw all battles in my buddies I'm super excited about that one...but they all look great.

  3. Thanks guys, and Blue, I will put some extra effort into Khane then :)

  4. Also curious why you strayed from the sword in the top one when when all the others look similar?

  5. No particular reason actually. For most weapons i have taken some artistic freedom (same weapon slightly different look), this one is just more different than the others... I made the weapons to feel right with the miniature and fit the design, for some reason a more cleaver like sword felt more in place for this sculpt..

    1. I can respect that. 😉
      👍....btw that one is my favorite of the group so far.


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