Sunday, April 1, 2018

MM90 painting countdown: 23

So I started on the next victim MM90 5A, whom I have dubbed ‘Cousin Itt’, since I’m quite sure Aly took inspiration from the famous character from the Adams family. This guy is covered top to bottom in hair, with only a few parts of armour showing. So an easy one to paint I thought, but boy was I wrong.

I started with the hair which is a bit of yellowish coulour with brown shading, this was done rather quickly and I was happy with the result. Started with a base of yellow, followed by drybrushing with a mix of yellow and white, followed by a wash of yellow and brown mix with lots of water. Final touches were paintstroke higlight on some of the really high parts and some darker shading in the really recessed areas. Easy peasy.

Now on to the helmet and tip of his toes, being the only parts of armour showing. From the example picture we see this chap has a sort of azur blue armour. So I started mixing some paint with the limited colours I had available, finished it up, being quite chuffed with result, placed ‘Cousin Itt’ next to the picture from the original and…. decided I had to start over again… The colour was completely off, way too green. I started again this time with some more blue, got in the blended it to perfection and, you guessed it, it was too blue.

So paint mixing wasn’t going to cut it, so I went back to the one little hobbyshop we have in Abu Dhabi, and bought a different blue and some trollblood. Below the result so far, not perfect but it will do for now until I find some decent blue wash or glaze.

Now the evil little bugger is finished. Side by side picture and picture next to comrade, it also shows that depending on the light the colour can look completely different (just look at the back and front picture, looks like two completely different colours).


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