Thursday, April 26, 2018

MM90 painting countdown 17

So, Clam chose to go with mr. Big Ears (whom I dubbed Smith, after Will Smith because of the ea... ah well you got the idea) for the next challenge, and boy was it a close call. He managed to post his completed picture just minutes before me. I actually already finished Thursday evening, and was just checking out the CDO forum, and BAM, this Mr. Lamebeard had his completed work up already, even though he assured me that he would be busy and wouldn't have time to paint until Friday, basterd, can't trust a chaos dwarf now can you  >:-)

Anyways here is Clams attempt:

And here is my finished puppy.

It was a great mini to paint, I really focused on the big ears, because they draw all the attention.
And a group shot just for fun:


  1. That was close :) He is beautiful. Lovely job on the reds. Very well done. So who's is next?

  2. Thanks mate! Next is announced on CDO, good luck!

    1. On COD? Hmm, playing hide and seek with me, you are! This is a blog challenge, so challenge me on the blog, please. What's next a snap, a tweet or...? Dirty tricks, mate - but I saw it, and this one (MM90/6c) is a tough one. Mine has been bathing in acetone all day, but will need at least aother 12 hours :(

  3. And I said, no worries cause I wouldn't get round doing it till Thursday/Friday - and is posted my finished piece around midnight Thursday, I'll say I kept my word. So my credibility is unmanaged:)

  4. You should really get someone to start managing your credibility :) (great typo in your post). Heck i dont even have to try to heckle you, you do it yourself ;)


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