Saturday, April 21, 2018

MM90 painting countdown 18

So this was a rather quick one, just plain full body armour bronze. I put a lot of highlights in there but it doesn't really show on the picture. Since I didn't have bronze I went with a mix of gold, brown and touch of black, highlighted by adding silver.

My good friend Clam dubbed him Miley Cyrus, because, obviously, the wrecking ball. I liked that reference but will keep it simple and just name him Cyrus, sounds a bit more manly also, and I don't want to hurt his feelings...

By the way this is my favourite of the MM90's so a bit sad that I had to paint it in such dull colours...


And a group shot of the work so far:

And the results of the battle so far, mine on the left Clam's on the right:


  1. So close ... - but can't finish him till tonight

  2. But you did great and even got him a little base :) Real metal is so hard highlighting - luckily natural light also helps bringing it to life.

    Oh, and I'm rather sure I called him Mylo Cyrus (as Mylo is the name of our dog). I would dare giving this guy a girls name - jesus! he's got a wrecking ball in his hand ... :)

  3. Mylo is also the name of the dog of Stanley Ipkiss from 'The Mask' movie, and Ipkiss is the name of my yellow little mask wearing friend, ties the two nicely together, Mylo Cyrus it is.

    Ah yes a base, with actual desert sand!


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